Photo's of me and my taxidermy shop
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Custom Ice Rods For Sale

I Caught a Nice Fish........Now What Do I Do????

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Professional Fish Mount Restoration Pictures Page 3 Wild Goose Sports 54 Inch Muskie

Professional Fish Mount Restoration Picture's of John Wonsil's 33" walleye mounted in 1961. Page 4

Bill Pike's 13 Point Monster Buck

Deer Head Mounts By Pikes Taxidermy

Josh Heaser's Beautiful 23 inch Brown Trout Mount

Why use an artificial head on trout and salmon?


Wild Turkey mounts

Photo's of me and my taxidermy shop

Large Mouth Bass Mounts

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Small Mouth Bass Mounts

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Musky Mounts

Joel Rechtzigel's Monster Northern Mount

42 inch northern mount, 27.2 pounds from Lake Zumbro Ice.

Northern Pike Mounts

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  Walleye mounts

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Jeremiah and Andrea Watsons Double Walleye Mount with Bait Fish

Full Size Wall Mount Walleye Displays With Bait Fish

Black Crappie Mounts

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 White Crappie Mounts

Native Brown Trout Mounts

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 King Salmon Mounts

Bluegill, Rock Bass and Perch Mounts

Pike's Taxidermy's first finished fish mounts

Standing Pheasant Rooster Mounts

Motorcycle and sidecar pictures


This is a picture of me in my taxidermy shop getting ready to start on a customers beautiful pheasant mount. My taxidermy shop is located in the basement of my house in Byron Minnesota.


My dad Bill Pike making improvments to the shop. A larger display and customer storage area.